Planning a WINNING Wedding

No doubt, planning a wedding is one of life's most stressful endeavors.  Months, even years of planning, focus on this one special day, hoping to create the perfect day.  Many twists and turns are added, personal touches that allow you to own the day.  Unfortunately, these additions, if not carefully executed can lead to a lifetime of unpleasant memories and reminders on social media.  (Seriously, TBT?)  The venue, and quality of planning staff, are essential if you want a WINNING wedding day.

The Reading Liederkranz knows how to plan a WINNING day.  Here are just a few things to consider out of the gate...  

Choose your team carefully.  A reliable wedding team can make all the difference to the smooth running of your day and your guests' enjoyment of it.  If you have a close friend who may not make the most dependable best man or maid of honor; consider involving them in another way.  Perhaps you can ask them to give a reading or make a presentation at the ceremony.

Timing is everything.  From ceremony to last call on the dance floor, a wedding can last up to ten hours.  Place a time limit on various aspects of the day to prevent them from dragging on.  It's also worth considering the distance of the reception venue from the ceremony.  A long journey can disrupt the flow and momentum of the day, leaving guests feeling frazzled.  

Let them eat cake (and canapés).  Nerves and excitement might stamp "paid" your own appetite, but a traditional early afternoon start, plus waiting time for photographs or transport, can make for hungry guests.  Try to ensure some food is served as soon as guests arrive at the reception; substantial canapés will also help soak up alcohol.

Get personal.  Personal touches can help make a wedding truly memorable, from the choice of readings at the ceremony to the table decorations at the reception.  Be careful not to overdo things, it's a wedding, not your high school prom.  You may also choose to recruit friends or relations with professional talents in flower-arranging or photography to help decorate the venue or photograph the day.  Personalized favors can also help make guests feel special and appreciated.     

Face the music.  Budget permitting, a great band or DJ can make a wedding evening, dragging even reluctant dancers onto the floor.  Ask for recommendations, but beware of straying from professionals.  Ensure the choice of music appeals to all generations by asking guests to include requests when they RSVP.  Nothing is more distasteful at a wedding reception than loud music - remember, if the music overpowers conversation it is too loud.  

Checklist framework for a WINNING Wedding

  • Order of the day: schedules and timings
  • Practicalities and logistical checks
  • The night before
  • The morning of the wedding
  • Ceremony highlights
  • Hosting the reception
  • Photograph and speeches overview
  • Bridal style
  • Looking good in photographs
  • Surviving the day
  • Going away
  • Afterwards and thank yous

We look forward to working with you to create your WINNING wedding.